Spotify Premium APK v8.8.36.521 Free Download (2023)

Using spotify with limited options can be annoying for everyone, especially those who use it mostly.But this is reality that everyone cannot buy the premium plan of spotify as it is expensive. But you can use all the premium features for free by downloading the spotify premium apk(modded version).

Spotify premium modded apk provides you all the features that you will get in any paid plan. You can play your favorite song from the playlist, unlimited skips, offline listening,and unlimited shuffles. So if you are looking to get the spotify premium apk, stay here as we are going to tell you all the information about how you can get spotify premium free apk.

In this article we are going to explain each and every point about spotify mod apk premium free so even if you are unaware of it, by reading this article you will be able to use it easily and listen to your favorite music and podcasts etc.You can also check How do i redeem a spotify gift card.

What is Spotify?

why spotify

spotify free premium apk is the world’s best streaming music service app. It is one of the world’s biggest platforms of music all over the world, in which there are millions of songs in thousands of languages from all over the world and content made by musicians and artists. Despite being free, this service features advertisements between songs. But if you take the premium service, there will be no ads in it.

There are plenty of features in spotify. Its special feature is its algorithm that creates a playlist based on the listening user’s preferences, introducing new songs only according to his preferences, and with the help of which he can choose the songs of his friends, favorite artists and celebrities, can also listen.

Spotify is a platform for musicians where they get paid for listening to artists’ songs, and with its help, they also get a chance to promote their music.Do you live music . and want to know Apple music vs spotify which music is best then don’t worry we will tell you.

Features of spotify premium free apk

spotify premium mod apk has definitely been playing around with a couple of cool new features that you will love but they recently teamed up with google which is awesome and super convenient so let’s have a look at spotify free and premium features . If you want check your spotify stats you can check here free of cost.

Spotify Free And Premium Features

spotify premium app is a free option for those who are on a budget and don’t want to spend at all. There are some other music streaming platforms such as Apple music, they give you a free trial but there’s no free option at all. Spotify is completely full of free options that are very cool. The people who don’t have a spotify premium that still have a really good time with the free version of spotify.

On the other hand, spotify premium mod apk is really worth it. Spotify premium and free supports android, Iphones and some other playstations such as android auto or car play. There are plenty of devices spotify supports but if you have a device that is unable to access spotify, so you can use your web browser that is really cool. You can also download Spotify Premium APK for iOS.

Free Spotify Features

  • Unlimited time to listen songs.
  • Showing ads.
  • Offline listening not available.
  • Search songs that are in a playlist or you have to listen to tons of ads.
  • Enjoy the experience of 14 days traveling by using spotify.
  • Full library access.
  • Forced shuffle.
  • Limited skips.
  • Audio and video ads.
  • spotify kids.

Features of spotify premium apk

  • Unlimited skips.
  • Connect unlocked.
  • Unlimited songs and shuffle.
  • You can repeat any song.
  • Unlocked every song you like.
  • Create your own playlist.
  • Unlocked spotify inbox and connect.
  • Removed several cosmetic features.
  • Unlimited storylines.
  • Unlocked repeat mode.
  • Dark amoled theme.
  • 320 kbps audio.
  • Facebook sharing.
  • Offline playback.
  • hack spotify premium 2023.

why go premium

Spotify Premium Free Apk Offline Mode

spotify premium apk app offers offline listening on Iphones all the time. If you are in the area where the signals are bad or have disconnected your net, then spotify gives us the ability to download the songs with the different applications on our phones. If you love music then you can learn How to create an artist profile on spotify. so spotify premium mod apk with offline download.

Remember: anyone can’t listen to the songs without spotify, we can still listen to them within spotify. So if you are in airplane mode or in a flight and there is no internet you have downloaded these songs and saved them on your phone and listened to them on the Spotify app.

Spotify Premium Unlimited Skips Apk

When you are listening to music you are in a film of your feelings,ideas and actions, the ads make no sense between them and interrupt all your fun after happening after a while. So if download spotify premium apk, spotify premium unlimited skips apk it will let you enjoy your music without annoying any ad at all.

Sound Quality Of Spotify Premium Apk

The listener of music always prefers a good sound base. Spotify premium apk offers high quality sound of songs at 320 kbps.

Variety of Languages In Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Spotify is a worldwide music app appreciated by millions of people including Pakistan and India. It contains songs of different languages. The Sweden’s spotify company announced that spotify introduced its services in more than 36 languages and more than 170 countries worldwide.

There are lots of other features in spotify premium but unlimited skips and offline listening are the best that force you to buy the premium version of spotify. With spotify premium with unlimited skips you don’t have to go ahead and sit through as many ads they want to give you. But if you have spotify free you can’t do that.

Spotify mod apk Technical Information

App NameSpotify premium apk
PublisherSpotify AB
CategoryMusic & Audio
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Get it OnGoogle Play store

Spotify Mod Apk Premium Unlocked Advance Features (paid)

The app generates a playlist everyday of their users who buy the premium subscription.
You will get the remix of songs of both you love to listen to everyday and different other songs that you will never listen to before. Spotify premium offers the newest content on the basis of a contract by Universal that enables premium Spotify users to listen. Are you using spotify but Spotify premium apk doesn’t work then don’t need worry you can find soultion here.


  • You can download and use spotify premium apk on any platform such as on your pc, Iphone, on web browser and on its official site
  • Enable to search best songs, and its suggest the best songs.
  • High quality sound.
  • Amazing interface.
  • Fully copyrighted.
  • Free plan.
  • User friendly.


  • Expensive to buy premium one.
  • No lyrics display.

spotify premium mod apk not working

How To Download Spotify Premium Apk Free Enjoy Your Favorite Podcast And Audiobooks

The process of downloading apk from our site is very easy. If you want to download the latest version of spotify mod apk then simply click on the download button given to our page.

It will directly move you to the download page. Wait for a few seconds and click on the button. If your download will not start you can tell us using the comment section. After the downloading process is complete then ready to install it on your phones.

How To Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk For Android 2023

Here is few steps how to install spotify mod apk. You can follow thes steps and install spotify mod on your andriod phone or ios.

  • Click on the file for installing spotify premium apk.
  • Once it has download then click to open it.
  • Go to my files.
  • Click on the file you have recently installed.
  • Then click on package installer.
  • And lastly tap to open.
  • Done.

How To Install Spotify Premium Mod Apk For Ios And Pc

Here is few steps to get spotify mod apk for pc windows 10

  • To download spotify mod apk premium on ios devices we need an android emulator because spotify is made to use on android devices. Without an emulator it can’t be run on your ios devices.
  • Download any android emulator from google play store.
  • After that download the spotify premium apk from our site and save it on your device.
  • Now connect your pc and ios devices together and navigate the drop down menu and select your device.
  • Now drag and drop your spotify file you have downloaded recently on your emulator.
  • Give it to your apple Id, it will hide your spotify modded apk from the iphones server.
  • After that install the app.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click on general.
  • Tap on spotify account.
  • Click on device manager.
  • Select the file.

Screenshots-spotify stats mod apk

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How To Install Spotify Premium Apk On Pc 

This is the same method that we use to install on an Ios device. You just need to install the emulator on your pc and then download the file. Open it in bluestack or any other emulator and then click to install. It will install on your pc.

Note: if you have downloaded spotify mod premium apk old version before, uninstall it and install the latest version otherwise it will crash. Also enable your browser permission to allow third party apps if you wanna download the spotify premium apk. When itWhen install spotify premium apk it takes time to run so wait for a while and then open it, definitely it will run amazingly.

Remember: always use a new email to sign up your spotify account. It will not work if you use any existing email.

What About The Upgrade Plan Of Spotify Application

The spotify premium version users who decide to buy a premium subscription of spotify can enjoy the features not only we mentioned in the above, but also there are some other specifications for the spotify premium apk subscribers. Such as.

Get Spotify Premium Apk At a Cheap Rate

There are two plans available in spotify that are:

Student Plan: Spotify premium for students plans costs is 4.99$ per month, (according to your country)
Family Plan: Spotify premium family plan costs is 14.99$ per month

Both plans are the best, and not very pricey. Now it depends on you which premium you want to buy. But if spotify is not allowed in your country officially and you want to get all these premium features then there is the last option for that download the modded version of spotify premium apk offline mode 2022 from our site.

Spotify Premium Plans Costs

There are four types of plans Spotify offers

  • Single: It costs $9.99 per month.
  • Duo: It costs $12.99 per month.
  • Family: It costs Up to $14.99. You can use 6 premium plans.
  • Student: it is one of the cheaper plans that costs up to $4.99.

If you want to use showtime or hulu subscription, you can use a student plan. By buying duo plans you can enjoy the mix features of duo. As the account is used by two persons so the playlist will occur everyday according to both persons choices.

People who live in the same area can buy a family plan as its price is affordable and also it offers 6 premium plans. You just need to confirm the address of every person that wants to use a family plan. The positive point of the family plan which i like most is that it has a kids features it means that they create kids friendly content with other content.You can check spotify premium price plans here.

Main Features Of Family Accounts:

  • spotify apk updates its content regularly, no matter how many people are using it, via 2 people or 6 people. The content will be updated on the preference of every person. The only thing every person needs to give permission to the app to use their preferences to create the playlist.
  • It will disable all the explicit music.
  • There is no ad at all like other plans.
  • Family plans also enable you to download your favorite songs that you will listen to when you are free and when you don’t have internet access.
  • You will get the playback you want.

However you can use the student plan which is also a good choice at all because it is cheaper. Also you can enjoy a free experience with this plan or you can also download spotify apk. You can learn How to clear your Queue on spotify.

Spotify Premium Free Trial

It is said that spotify offers a free version for up to 3 months if you are new to sign up. But this facility is not for premium users, it is only for newbies.

What To Do When your Free Trial Expires

When the trial period of 3 months is near to complete or your trial expires, now you need to upgrade your plan. Just simply choose the plan you wanna buy and then use a credit card to bill payment.

Does Spotify Worth It

As per my experience, the free version of spotify is not usable. If you intend to use it for a long period of time, it is not the best choice. You can even access the whole library, and can listen to any song and podcast, but you will definitely be annoyed with ads that come after a while.

The ads will not give you a proper enjoyment from start to end, so it could not be a better choice at all. But its premium features will leave you amazed forever. I recommend you to download the spotify premium apk.How to see top artists on spotify.

Spotify Top 10 Tips, Tricks And Hacks

Navigation setting:

In the past when you explore the new feature of google map in spotify you want to use it while playing your songs, so when you navigate google map you had to either have a split screen mode or pop window that is much annoying for everyone. But you can overcome this situation by these simple steps.

  • Click on the settings of google maps.
  • Scroll down and click on navigation settings.
  • Then click on default media app.
  • Select spotify and then ok.
  • Done, you will see a small icon of spotify in google map, click on it and a pop will occur.
  • Now you can switch to a new song, another song and so on.
  • You can also open the playlist and switch the current song to one of the playlist by click on the browse button.
  • This is a helpful feature for the persons who wanna use spotify while driving.

Car View 

  • You can also select the option of car view.
  • Click on the settings and select the car view.
  • You can connect bluetooth or can be select the option always on.
  • You can turn off the car view by selecting the car icon, once you click on it you will be back to the normal mode.
car view

Canvas On And Off

Canvas related to artwork. When you are using spotify premium apk version you will notice in the settings a canvas option.When you click on it it will play short looping visuals either from the music video or something that the artist uploaded. As you play the song it’s got this visual that loops. To go back to your original just click on canvas option again and it will turn. You can also learn How to connect spotify to discord and alexa.

  • Spotify In Google Clock.
  • Google clock is another hack of spotify premium apk. You can wake up with spotify music by just setting the google clock.
  • Now open google and set your time just say 6 O’ clock.
  • Now go to default settings of google clock.
  • You will see the option of spotify click on it.
  • As you click on it, you will see a playlist and choose your favorite song.
  • Set a playlist to playing alarm in the morning at that allocated time.
canvas on and off

New Sleep Timer

You can utilize a sleep timer to choose how long you want the audio to play for until it turns of.When you are listening to a song, there are three dots at the top right corner, click on it and find the option of sleep timer. Fix a time how long you want to listen and it will be thrown off completely, so you can then fix a new timer.

  • Ads Songs From Desktop.
  • This feature will definitely amaze you. You can easily add the songs from your desktop to your own spotify library. If it seems that the spotify premium apk version database does not have some songs of your choice you can add.
  • Click on the local files.
  • Allow all the three options(Itunes, Downloads and My music) and then tap on add a source.
  • Choose the file on the desktop you want and a pop up will occur.
  • Done the song will be added to your local files you can check right now.
  • Check your device and now you can check the new playlist has been added.

Shazam To Spotify

This hack is really helpful for the person who loves to play songs and find them in his playlist but don’t know what the song is called. The only thing you need to do is download the shazam app. As you open the app, click on the button showing you click on it and it will frequently identify the song. The only need is to open it up and spotify, there you will add it at the top and you can save it also.

Shazam will recognize plenty of songs and this is a very very amazing trick to listen to your favorite playlist.


By using this feature you can chromecast your music onto your tv. Simply click on the button on the bottom and then select chromecast and then the tv option. Your music playing on your spotify app will instantly play on your tv.

So this is a very interesting feature for everyone because you can connect your spotify with your home tv and can play plenty of songs in no time or you can also download spotify premium apk files and then install on tv.


Liked Playlist

Do you know that you can add songs in your playlist just like the song? Yes when you are listening to the song there is an icon heart shape click on it and this song will be added to your library automatically.

Learn Languages

I damn sure that you never knew this hidden feature before that you can learn languages with spotify. How?

  • Click on the search bar.
  • Search language superstar.
  • There is playlist, This is the language superstar.
  • Click on it and you will see different languages lessons in free.
  • You can click on any language and learn the lesson.

There are plenty of languages in spotify. You can learn any language you want such as German, Russian, French, Chinese etc. so download spotify premium apk file on android device and download music. If you are music love and want to learn How to download songs from spotify then you can learn here.

(FAQs)-spotify premium apk cracked 2023

Yes, spotify mod 2023 allows their users to enjoy music in offline mode. You can turn offline, spotify app>settings>playback>enable offline mode.

You can get the premium spotify free apk by downloading the link from our site. Simply sign up or log in to the students account and they will say that this is a three month free but don’t worry it will work long term and you will never get fed up with even a single ad while playing music.

  • Search a song you want to download 
  • Now add this song in to a specific playlist
  • Click on add to playlist and add this song 
  • Now go your library 
  • Open or play the song
  • To download this song, click on the download button 
  • That’s ok, it’s going to start downloading
  • First of all log out your account and back. 
  • Check the details you are using while login. Maybe you used the wrong details. Try to put different details, it may help out. 
  • Check your plan status.
  • Also check your payment status.
  • If you are using family or any other plan, please confirm it has not removed you from your plan.
  • It is not very easy to change personal information, especially email. But if you face this situation then what to do? Follow the steps. 
  • Open the app spotify 
  • Go to your homepage and your account section
  • Now login your account 
  • Click on edit 
  • Navigate and see where the email change field
  • Now enter the new email 
  • Now put the password and confirm the setup 
  • Save changes

No, there is no chance to delete your playlist, even if you use your account after a long time.

  • Go to your homepage
  • Go to profile, tap to edit 
  • Change your password 
  • Email will be sent to your account 
  • Type the OTP or another information they tell you
  • Now login to your account with new details 

Yes, it is very simple to remove a song from the Spotify library. Simply select the song and click to remove it.

  • Click To edit 
  • Tap To Preferences 
  • On High Sound Quality Mode
  • Cache should be removed

Yes after installing the spotify premium apk(modded) you can use the artist account.

There is no official app for Spotify Premium that you can download from the Google Play Store. Our website offers free Spotify cracked apk downloads if you desire. It is recommended that you uninstall Spotify from your Android device before installing the cracked version.


So guys after reading the whole article you will be able to know how amazing this app is and what amazing features you get for free if you download the spotify mod apk premium unlocked from the link given below.

We just advise you to download the mod at least once and experience it personally. I damn sure once you install it you will forget to uninstall it. So why do we need to spend money when all the features are available for free in the modded version of spotify premium apk. So let’s download it and enjoy the songs of your favorite musician.

Guys if you face any difficulty while using spotify premium apk file, downloading, or installing this app, please let us know in the comment section. We try to cover all your issues as soon as possible. Below you get spotify mod premium latest version without any cost.


We would like to clarify that our website is intended for educational purposes only. We do not support or encourage any illegal activities or hacking through our platform. Any logos or copyrighted materials presented on our website are the property of their respective owners. If you need further details, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Here is the link of spotify mod apk with offline download

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