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Wanna know your own musical taste? Do you want to know your spotify stats? Do you even see which song you listen to most of the time in spotify? Let’s take a look to see your spotify stats visualizer. Do you know how to check your spotify stats, if not then in this article i will explain to you how you can check your spotify account stats in your app and how many types of stats are found.

How To See Your Spotify Stats

As everyone knows, Spotify is a music streaming app in which we listen to music, podcasts of different types of musicians, artists, genres and others. However, going deeper into your interests can be tricky in spotify. You can analyze your spotify account stats monthly genre pie using different websites and tools. So Lets learn about these sites and methods to check your most played songs, so we can be able to practise it. If you want to download spotify apk file you can download here free of cost.

Top 9 Sites To see Your Spotify Stats

Here are 9 websites to check your music taste like which are your spotify listening habits and also you can check your top artists and genres. If you don’t idea How to create an artist profile on spotify than you can follow this guide.

Stats For Spotify

Stats for spotify is one of the tools that allow you to analyze your spotify account stats. You can check all your spotify playlist genres, artists and tracks by visiting and utilizing the site tool. You can check the stats from beginning to 6th month or from 6ht month to all the time.

How Bad Is Your Spotify

A popular site for checking Spotify listening habits is How Bad Is Your Spotify. This is an AI tools based site that analyzes every user’s music taste. How bad got famous in December 2020 due to its intelligent algorithm for finding users.


Instafest makes a lineup of your favorite or most listened songs on spotify. It means how much you listen to an artist song, insta fest will largers this artist name in the lineup. It creates a festival lineup so you can select a festival based on the top artist. Instafest also lets you customise the graphics.

Iceberg Yify

Icebergify trolls all the artists you listened to for a long term, mid term or short term and then creates a list of top 50 artists according to their popularity. If you listen to a song by an artist who is more popular, his name will be at the top. And if you listen to a song by an artist who is a little less famous, Woo will be placed in the middle. And listening to the song of such an artist who is not famous at all, then the level chart will be shown empty or blank.


Similar to Icebergify it creates and compares obscurify users. It also compares your top favorite artis, your happiness, danceability and your energy with others and highlights it.

Spotify Pie

Your most listened songs are displayed as a pie chart, which can also be shared. You will be able to customise the spotify charts according to your interests, listening habits, genres, tastes, and energy.

Zodiac Affinity

This is a very interesting site for people who believe in astrology. The zodiac affinity chooses five best songs from your playlist that match your zodiac sign.

Discover Quickly

It classifies songs on the bases of danceability and popularity. It also lists all the passionate genres of Spotify data such as “Charred Death” and “Acid House”. However it creates a list of all the songs of different genres.


It creates a landscape based on your most listened tracks, genres, interest, energy and key and develp you music taste.

How do I find my Top Artists/ Songs on Spotify?

Spotify recently introduced spotify wrapped 2020 which allows you to see and find top 5 artists on this app. Now simply go to your spotify and click on the search icon.Below browse all, there is a spotify wrapped 2022 option click on it and then you will find out your top artist songs.

What are my stats for spotify that can I check out?

You can check all your most played songs on your spotify app which you listened to mostly since you installed the app. There could be different types of stats that you can check as follows. You can check also How do i redeem a spotify gift card.

Your Top Artist

You don’t have to bother about the list of your favorite top artists as this will show you usually 50 artists.

Top Tracks

As your favorite artists it also shows you the almost 50 top tracks you loved the most, as it analyze your searches about tracks

Your Top Main Genre

It also provides you with some other features just like you don’t have to search genres again and again; it will be set for you in a single click.

Top Sub Genres

It also classifies genres into sub genres for your ease.

Your top decades

Some people like old songs, some like new, so it is the app which sets decade wise songs of your choice.

Your overall mood

You can listen to the advanced spotify data depending on your mood.

Your spotify listening history stats

Sometimes we listen to music according to our mood and after it we forget what that song was. So through the history of spotify stats you can find the top tracks of your choice regarding your mood. You are music lover and don’t idea which is best Apple music vs spotify:Check our complete guide.

FAQS- stats for spotify

This is a very simple process to know your stats in spotify. You need to simply login to your account on the Spotify app. Then select a period of which stats you want to see and do. All the stats, recently played artists, favorite songs, top tracks,top artists & spotify releases will be shown up. However you can also use some spotify stats websites for checking your data, that are specifically made for this purpose.

Yes of course you can trust it because this tool is completely safe to use. It will not detect your data or will never harm your device. However it will demand Spotify’s API key for the purpose to collect all your top tracks & top artists you listened to. And this tools also show you song recommendations, top songs playlists, track according to the past month and last six months.

Yes you can. With the help of this spotify stat tool you can check how your data change all the time & you can also check your music tastes.

By using any spotify stat tool you can see the top genres of spotify from recent last to 6th last month and from 6th month to all time stats.

If you use Spotify, it means that you will have some percentage. So you will receive an email about your spotify’s percentage. You can also utilise the spotify wrapped playlists 2021 feature or can also check out your spotify’s notifications box.

  • Select a time period
  • Scroll down and find out save on spotify, tap on it
  • Now there are most streamed songs
  • Create playlist and save it your spotify account
  • How many hours have I listened to Spotify?
  • You can check through spotify wrapped stats feature, as it is listed all the time from when you have listened to spotify.

You no longer need to manage your account. All the data will be managed by Spotify’s sites officially. You just need to login or sign up for your spotify profile app.

  • Go to any of spotify stats tools website and login to your account.
  • Click on recently played tracks.
  • You can see your top tracks, artists and genres.
  • Done, the stats are showing you.

How to see your stats for Spotify (Android and iOS)

Well! If you want to see your favourite tracks, artists, and genres on your mobile device, then you don’t need any third-party apps. On the official Spotify app, you can view your tracks, genres, playlists, and artists. You can also download Spotify Premium APK for iOS.

  • First and foremost, you must obtain the official app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • After downloading, you can install this app on Android or iOS.
  • After installing the app, sign in to your Spotify account.
  • If you don’t have a Spotify account, simply sign up; it is very easy.
  • Go to “home” in the app, then click the “settings” button.
  • Navigate to the social section of settings.
  • Below in the social section, you can enable Recently Played Artists.
  • When you enable this option, you can see your albums according to the last four weeks or the last six months.
  • Don’t worry, all the stats are updated daily based on your Android devices.
  • You can also share your page with friends who listen to the same music as you.
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